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Cavadius Official forum for the original game Cavadius by ForteMP3

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Old 24th January 2011, 21:31   #1
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Default Sad - Cavadius got cancelled

It's a shame that Cavadius got cancelled. I was looking forward for Bacterion in Cavadius.
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Old 25th January 2011, 02:46   #2
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Default Re: Sad

and what happend to ForteMP3?
i dont know him/her, but im sure did a nice job doing this game
why did he/she cancelled?

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Old 16th February 2011, 02:50   #3
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Default Re: Sad

It was a good idea, a fun and challenging game, yet it was also too much to carry out for one person though, so i'm not surprised. Things like that happen to a ton of game producers
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Old 13th December 2011, 15:35   #4
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Default Re: Sad - Cavadius got cancelled

Okay, this is going to sound horrendously bitter and negative, but please bear with me.

Cavadius died because of the following chain of events:

We lost our first pixel artist. We lose our third development member (There were three of us at the time..) due to him blowing up at people over the use of a font as an art solution for the powerup bar. Forte has his first burnout and we lose over a month to that. Cavadius gets an engine rewrite from scratch to fix some initial design issues (this actually takes less than a week total!) We get a second pixel artist and a musician. We almost immediately lose both to issues they're having in real life. Forte has a second burnout, from which he never recovers.

I still have the source code. In fact, I wrote probably about 75% of the existing codebase myself, and was the one teaching Forte the art of code.

Should Forte ever decide to get off his ass and do something with the project, I think it could be salvaged, but the likelyhood of this is probably less than zero-- and without some decent artists and musicians, I don't have much hope of this actually ever catching any air.

This said, maybe someone should remove my Cavadius dev tag. Without a real product to show off, this tag just insults the people who were actually actively helping us with the project.
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