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Cameos カメオ Gradius related characters in other Konami games

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Windows Neko Shooting - an incredibly easy Salamander clone

Neko Shooting, or 'Nekoshoo' in Japanese-style abbreviation is a low-priced commercial game by Nekoneko Soft. It is released in 2005 Comic Market 69 along with a Drama CD and some other weird stuffs.

The game is parody of Salamander,but with Gradius II weapon array. Salamander is actually mentioned in the staff roll, and the PV for this game also mentioned Gradius II.

You've got two shots per screen, Missile that travels along the terrain(though the terrain is FLAT during the entire game), traditional Gradius-sytle Double/Tail gun, penetrating Laser, four Options that mimics your movement, and Force Field by instant power-up system. Unfortunately, Ripple Laser and some missiles are missing.

There's a special feature that was not in the original series - There are 4 types of Option, and if you collect four of a certain type of Option, your shot other than Laser will get a special ability.

Option #1(Natsumi) - Armor piercing shots
Option #2(Beverage can) - Increased firepower
Option #3(Kanna) - NOTHING. This option is a trap.
Option #4(Guitar) - Homing shots

Nekoneko Soft is a company that makes adult visual novel games like Mizuiro, Giniro, Lamune and some others. (However no 'adulty' scene in this game) This game was made as a present for their fans, and the characters in this game is all from their previous games. The protagonist is Koyuki from 120 Yen Stories, and the Options are her older sisters and their related items.

Unfortunately, Nekoneko soft was never a good shoot'em up maker and the game is not so good. The difficulty is even easier than Otomedius Excellent and it may make you boring and feel miserable, and items appearing ramdomly will give you a lot of trouble collecting a desired kind of Option.

A Full playthrough video by me.

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Default Re: Neko Shooting - an incredibly easy Salamander clone

Very nice presentation, especially the beautiful scrolling backdrops, music's OK too, shame some of the sound effects are too loud blotting it out.

It looks like the stages are a little too easy but at least the boss fights look like a challenge.

Some tweaking and this would be great.
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Default Re: Neko Shooting - an incredibly easy Salamander clone

Anyone know where this one can be downloaded?
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