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Cavadius Official forum for the original game Cavadius by ForteMP3

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Old 21st April 2005, 00:46   #1
Cavadius Author
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Default UPDATE:Cavadius Trial Version 0.85a Released!

The page hasn't been updated to show this, but version 0.85 is up! (The download says .8, but it's .85, trust me on this).

-What's new?-

-Joystick support! (However, only buttons 1-12 are supported. If you really, REALLY need support for anything more than that, tell me. Also, I dunno if it'll vary from person to person, but I've had some sensitivity issues with my gamepad, sometimes a light tap registers a bit longer than the same light tap on a keyboard. This could just be me, but...).

-Joystick Buttons 1-12 are fully customizable. Press a button on your pad/joystick to see what button it is in case you don't have them memorized.

-BUGFIX:Joystick Deadzone feature added. This should address issues where the player did not stop moving after releasing a direction. It should also improve overall joystick compatibility. You can also view a joystick's X/Y axes values in real time now in order to help in setting your Deadzone. Simply press a direction to see its value.

-Keyboard bindings updated to allow rebinding of the Slow Move (shift) key.

-Difficulty modes added (Easy, Normal, Hard.)

-Modified behavior of certain enemies, they will no longer fire when they're X pixels away from the bottom of the screen. (X varies, depending on enemy)

-Mini Core 1 now fires small pulse laser spreads after its initial bullet spread, this gives it something else to do while waiting to leave.

-Mini Core 2 (The one from Salamander that fired ugly clumps of bullets) now has a much better bullet pattern that makes use of various laser type bullets. Far better looking.

-The Big Core is now affected by difficulty settings. On easy, its bullets are much shorter. On normal, nothing much is changed, although it will occassionally fire four pulse lasers towards you during its Quad Laser Sweep.

-The Big Core is now a BEAST on hard mode, specifically when it fires in random spreads or a sweep.


-Weapon Array screen still doesn't visibly show weapons in left window (Not supported yet)

-Joystick cannot be used for menu navigation/continuing game yet.

-If a joystick is enabled, the keyboard will be non-functional ingame (This is because some Joystick commands only work if I have them 'emulate' a keyboard press. Essentially, the joystick support is an internal version of Joy2Key, figuratively speaking of course.) The function keys ESC (Pause/Return to title), F4 (Window/Fullscreen Toggle) and F10 (Quit Game) will still work though.
What happens when you mix Cave and Gradius...?
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Old 21st April 2005, 15:34   #2
Saint Hikari
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Well well well... Very very nice (and intense). Just had about 15 minutes to play (gotta get to sleep very soon) so yeah, I got obliterated by the first wave of those spinning guys. :shock:

On my third time playing through it, I lost only one life toward the end of the scrolling land area, and managed to get through the last 15-20 odd seconds of the stage before Big Core without using a single powerup (and screaming my head off due to the unbelievable number of bullets on the screen) (also thanks to your 2x2 hit area on Vic Viper).

Comments, great gameplay. The laser and normal bullets look heaps mad, the explosions just rock, and the amount of bullets is pretty good for normal difficulty. (actually, the first section before the land should be the easy setting).

Minor bugs, when Big Core makes that big explosion after you kill it, the computer seems to lag a bit (maybe you're trying to remake the Gradius V end of stage boss explosion slow-down when playing on NTSC?) and when that end of level scoring screen pops up, you can still hear the Vic Viper firing if you keep pressing the buttons.

Well, that's from playing the game for like 15 minutes. I'm definately playing it again tomorrow, so that's another few points to add to the replay value of the game :D


Oh yeah, I didn't use the cheat. They take the fun out of gaming.
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Old 21st April 2005, 16:08   #3
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GREAT game, very fun to play, can't wait for the full version!

Some questions though:

1. Are you going to add more detail to the grey walls in the final version? They look out of place........

2. Does gamemaker support joystick input? I hate dodging with keyboards.

3. The game won't shut down for me, when I click the "X" on the window. I have to crtl+alt+delete to shut it down...........

4. What's the approx. release date for the full version?

5. If you are looking for music, Vodkatron does video game music in a hard rock style, and they love shmups.............

Keep up the great work!
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Old 21st April 2005, 17:00   #4
Cavadius Author
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A release date is not set at this point, as I want to tweak the Trial Version and get the gameplay mechanics down before I begin working on the full game. Because of this, I'm afraid I have to borrow id Software's favorite phrase...

It'll be out when it's done.

HOWEVER! A developer journal will soon be finding a home here on GameStone as part of the official Cavadius Homepage. You'll be able to get any and all info on updates, new demos, and soforth there.

Joystick Support is pending. until then, try using Joy2Key, that should suffice.

While I can't give a projected release date for the full game, I can tell you some of the stuff it should have in it...

-8 Stages (9 if you count the Pre-Stage 8 Boss Rush, I guess...)

-2 Loops (Loop 2 is going to basically be an Ultra Hard difficulty mode)

-4 Weapon Arrays, Weapon Edit, and Special Weapon Edit (Use special weapons not found in the normal arrays)

-Joystick support

-Much prettier levels (The grey blocks are place holders for actual tile based graphics)

-Internet Ranking Mode (Compete in three fields, Arcade Mode, Boss Rush Time Attack, and Individual Stage Score Attack)

In case anyone's wondering, here's some the stage concepts so far...

-Stage 1:Shadow of the Past-
Similar to Gradius V's opening stage, with Gradius under attack by the Bacterians. However, I plan to make this level a bit more epic by adding some additional space battles between Gradian and Bacterian ships in the background. On top of this, you'll see the first boss decimate a few squadrons before you fight it!

-Stage 2:Hyperspace-
Similar to Salamander 2's second stage, this will be an all space level with a really fast background, though speed will be relatively the same as a normal stage. Expect a lot of dogfights here.

-Stage 3:Frontlines-
An asteroid level, though it'll probably be similar to the Crystal Stage of G2 in gameplay concept...Although you can expect a LOT of asteroids flying around.

-Stage 4:Return to the Stone Age-
Hey, it isn't Gradius without Moais.

-Stage 5:Interstellar Inferno-
A volcano stage with a twist...It's all burning! While I'd love to do something more Salamander-ish, animated tiles aren't possible in GM, so I'll have to do a fiery volcano stage with some kind of constant onscreen fire effects. Expect a throwback to the original fire stage of Salamander here.

-Stage 6:Deja Vu-
A regular volcano stage...Or is it? You'll see some twists in this one, and you'll be seeing the boss quite a bit before you can even fight him.

-Stage 7:Fortress Ruins-
It's an old Bacterian Fortress, mostly decimated from a previous Bacterian War, but it's still operational and appears to be a means of accessing the current stronghold. Also, expect to fight an interesting take on the 'Recycled Boss' concept...

-Stage 8:The Darkest Hour-
After finding a warp gate to access the real fortress from the ruined one...Only one thing stands between you and Bacterion...His fleet. Rush through a series of bosses, shoot your way into the latest Bacterian Fortress, and take on the massive brain itself...Only this time, don't expect the final battle to be a cakewalk...

-Stage 0A:Trial Stage 1-
The first Trial Stage you've all played, availble for Score Attack.

-Secret Boss Stage-
Think you're good? Try beating Loop 2, and we'll see how good you are with an extra final battle...

That's the stage listing so far.
What happens when you mix Cave and Gradius...?
Official webpage of the vertical Manic Gradius fanshmup.
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King Moai
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While I haven't had as much time as I'd like to play this game, I do have some intial impressions.

I think the concept of merging the Cave-style gameplay and Gradius, has been successful. I can see elements of both styles beneath the obvious surface of bullet storms and Gradius graphics.

First off, the bullets. The massive ammounts of slow moving bullets is definitely a Cave trademark, and comes off feeling Dodonpachi-ish (nice word). *Bullet herding* is quite effective, and sometimes one of the only tactics, as the ammount of on-screen bullets can be overwhelming. Also, I found that using a faster ship is optimal, as you will find it easier to dodge an entire group of bullets, rather than individually. (Even with the tiny hitbox).

I hear some concern of bullet type and color. While I appreciate the fact that these are THE Gradius bullets, I can see how some might have problems with the look that they have, as they can blend together when in large groups. I think the suggestion of using different types of bullets and lasers would be effective and in some cases, better looking. I'm sure their are plenty of cool looking enemy projectiles to work with. Personally, I don't find the bullets hard to see or dodge, but I wouldn't mind seeing some variation.

Difficulty- I had no problems with the hardness of this trial. I was able to one-life it the second time I played, and that is a testament to well crafted gameplay. I think the ship was more than capable of fending off all attackers, and that the enemy bullets were easy to see and avoidable, mostly. Though, if you let it spread, the bullet spam can be enough to take out anyone, so early enemy destruction is a key factor. Also, I found it easy enough to recover once I died, as you have provided ample power-ups.

Chaining - A nice touch to give the game some scoring dynamics, as Gradius usually doesn't have this. (Though Gradius V does have the extra enemies that appear if you kill enemies fast enough). This will obviously give the game more life and replayability by those looking for score. The fat that using a Mega Crush stops the chaining, is another nod to Dodon's mechanics. I didn't have a chance to see what weapons/option combos were most effective for chaining, nor the chance to study enemy patterns.

Graphics - Explosions! Very nice. Especially the boss explosion, and the Gradius V slo-mo boss death technique. Excellent. Other graphics looked very nice and clean, if not overwhelming.

Other observations-

After-death invulnerability time needs to be adjusted, as I think you stated was the case. Also, when you return on-screen from a death, the way your ship is taken to the middle of the screen, with no player control is annoying.

I also noticed the fact that the game must be control+alt+deleted to close it down.

I love the default auto-fire.

All in all, I think this is a great start to a promising game. The concept itself is totally cool, and I can't wait to see and play more of it. My compliments to the creators of the game!

First HI-SCORE, from the one life run. I'm sure with precision chaining this could be MUCH higher!-

312,340 - Type 4 - ALL
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Old 27th April 2005, 03:14   #6
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Been quite sometime since I've been here, good to see that this project is succeeding for you.

Say... This is the game I edited the Vicviper for! I completely forgot about that! Looks like my sheet worked as well, I'm glad that I was able to help this is some way.

Well, now for my impressions...

Well first off I strongly reccomend working on the controls, I found that you must completely stop before you can move in another direction plus shooting has the same effect, which if course screws things up when constantly being fired at. But the small hit range definatly compansates, although things still need to be worked on.

I'm gald to see that you are planing to add things that will have to be earned later on, I'm talking about the museum and secret shop options. It's a great way to add replay value and in my oppinon, shooters need more things like this.

So far it's a good start, but you definatly have your work cut out for you. Say, if by chance you have any simple sprite work done like spriting any other new player craft or something like that, just let me know and I'll see if I can do something like I did with the Vic viper.
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Cavadius Author
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This error has been reported by other users too, I suspect it may be an issue with deadzones, and I'll be attempting to address this. (The movement bug you mentioned isn't present with keyboard usage).

Anyway, I don't think I'll need much work with sprites in the future, but I'll certainly let you know if anything comes up.

And yes, that's your Vic Viper edit. I recolored the cockpit to a yellowish color, obviously, but the wingspan and such is untouched. Thanks again for your help on that, and thanks for reminding me you need to be put into the credits. ^_^
What happens when you mix Cave and Gradius...?
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