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Default Audio/Visual request, see inside of post.

Hey, it's me again, anyway...Cavadius will be coming along again soon, I hope. My new years resolution was to actually GET THIS THING DONE!

Anyway, here's what I'm looking for in the way of help, as this seems to be my weakest point right now...Backgrounds and sounds. I'm looking for some help in improving the backgrounds for a couple of space levels so they aren't just, well...Stars. What I need is...

-Some kind of hyperspace esque background. think Hyperspace from Salamander 2, but possibly prettier.

-Asteroid background for the Asteroid Base level.

Everything else I already have backgrounds for, as they'll be 'interior' levels. As for sound, what I need are some sounds to replace some of the godawful stuff I'm using right now ripped from Gradius 2, which isn't sounding very good. What I'd REALLY like, if anyone could provide it, would be sound rips from Gradius V (Weapons, explosions, powerups, you name it).

Anyone who might be able to provide on these fronts? Send a message or leave a reply here. :)
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Warp Viper
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I'd love to help you, I just got Photoshop CS3, but my skills aren't nearly enough to help make some good looking backgrounds. Though, if I do ever get good enough, I'm thinking of making a Hyperspace background like the one in Star Control II, if anyone's ever played it.
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Default Re: Audio/Visual request, see inside of post.

can you make a effect like in the gravity level in gradius gaiden?i mean that blur.
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