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Old 10th May 2006, 05:08   #1
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Default Bullet GML

Wow, all new bullet coding, sounds interesting!

Will the player notice any difference in the shots (I would assume not....)

While this sound like it will delay the next demo (I'm impatient......), it does sound like making things easier in the long run, so best of luck!

Keep us updated...
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The biggest difference will be in difficulty and spread size. BulletGML is going to basically automate bullet creation when it comes to difficulty, IE...I could create a 3 way spread...And then, the following changes would occur based on difficulty

Easy-Would become a one way shot
Normal-No change
Hard-Would become a 5-way shot
Very Hard-Would become a 7 way shot

The beauty of bulletGML is that it's going to allow me to write a single pattern and not have to actually code it for each difficulty. The scripting I've done will do that part for me!

This basically means you'll be seeing some MAJOR changes when you play on Hard or Easy from now on. As for Very Hard, that'll basically be what you play if you do Loop 2 on the Hard difficulty...
What happens when you mix Cave and Gradius...?
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Old 15th May 2006, 18:37   #3
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Whee! Freebee GML bullet commanding powers!

P.S I for one accept your apology on the Home page.

P.P.S Don't forget that harder modes should also alter the speed of the bullets!

P.P.P.S Does the stage 3 boss have to be the Tetran? I think nothing but Cores for the first three stages is kind of pushing it. Why not apply a Dodonpachi boss just to embellish the Cave aspect of the game further? (After all, someone had to have supplied the Bacterions with those manic multi-bullet devices...)
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