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Default Cavadius Trial To Do List (Updated May 2nd)

Okay, I figured perhaps it might be best if people know where I'm going with Cavadius at the moment. So, I'm putting up this To-Do List that will show my current To-Dos. This list will probably go up on the homepage at some point in the future.



-Improve Weapon Screen-
Eventually, I'll add animations to show the weapon types when you're selecting them. This will give the player a better idea of what each type can do.

-Add Score Rankings-
Partially done. Have a preliminary Arcade Ranking screen, a shot is below.

I would have preferred to use a format where the details went across the screen, but the info wouldn't fit this way, so I had to do this method. Ten slots are supported, arrow keys swap beteen 1-5 and 6-10.

-Add Internet Ranking-
This won't be for awhile.

-Add Joystick Support-
Done. X and Y axes supported. Buttons 1-12 are mappable. Still need to add support for using it to navigate menus and continue.
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