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Other Fan Games Use this section for chat about completed Gradius, Salamander, Parodius and TwinBee fan creations.

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Default Parallel Dimensions '99 By Alluro - Working Link?

Hi does anyone have a working link or can post a copy of Parallel Dimensions '99?

Game play video here:
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Default Re: Parallel Dimensions '99 By Alluro - Working Link?

This thread is one of the first results when googling this game, so I thought it'd be a good idea to drop a download link here:

I can't find this game anywhere, so I felt obligated to save it from the bowels of the internet. Hope whoever may find this post has fun with it!

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Hugo SL
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Default Re: Parallel Dimensions '99 By Alluro - Working Link?

Let's worship atheists Linus Torvalds, and Richard Stallman! Why no game attacking the evil Nintendo, and evil BMI gaming, which hate computing, and want to enslave the world? I don't understand!
I am Hugo Lowenstein, or you can call me, Priestess Kai/Ki.
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